Sunday 19 November 2017

We must do right by each other

Sir -- Perhaps, on an individual level, we are still capable of 'manifesting abundance' during a financial recession. At the end of the day, though, it is so much easier to switch off from doom and gloom.

With 800 children now homeless and the figures on homelessness rising every day, while unfinished housing estates lie empty, the St Vincent de Paul cannot cope. Domestic violence, abuse and general crime levels are getting out of control. Suicide statistics show that the effects of the recession have ripped many more desperate people from their loved ones than ever before.

Our people are turning on each other, for the sake of money and survival. Many of our children and grandchildren face an era of hardship, trying to pay back a debt that 'we' owe. These same children are frightened at the prospect of staying in our country; and for the ones who are too young to know the difference, well, for some of them, Santa might not even be around this Christmas.

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