Friday 27 April 2018

We must be the joke of Europe

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Sir -- So we have got it wrong again. What's new, you may ask. We must be the joke of the year in Europe and further afield. A country where we can't eat, drink, drive, smoke without restrictions, are taxed to the hilt on earnings, pensions etc. We are now overcome with weather that nobody can deal with. Even our once reliable weather people cannot get it right. Our children are coming and going to schools that are open one day and closed the next. Mr Dempsey certainly knew when to step out again. We gritted roads when they were already thawed, and when the big freeze came again, we had no salt left. Arms and legs covered in plaster of Paris seemed to be the fashion of the day. Farmers got fined for putting out slurry at the wrong time, yet it was okay when contents of septic tanks flowed around neighbourhoods. People threw the blame for flooding at somebody else's door. People who were so delighted to get planning permission are now annoyed because they were granted planning in swamps. Oh, but sure I forgot, isn't there a few hundred thousand tons of salt and grit on order, so we should be all right -- for summer 2010!

Murt Hunt,

Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo

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