Thursday 18 January 2018

We lack a party to bring real change

BRUCE Arnold's column on December 11 bemoaned, and rightly so, the lack of credible political alternatives available to the Irish electorate. When the current administration finally decides to end its bungling reign next year, you can't help but ask where to put your vote if you're looking for real change.

A regressive Sinn Fein apart, the shocking deference that our main parties have to European, and indeed global, institutions is criminal in the extreme. They are more concerned with placating external forces than looking after the needs of the very people they are supposed to represent. There is a massive void in our political system for a eurosceptic party that is not tied to trade unions, paramilitaries, an archaic Civil War and the like. An Irish version of the British Conservatives, if you will.

And despite what Mr Arnold might think, the re-emergence of the ‘Irish Tories' can be done without Declan Ganley's assistance.

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