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We have crossed a line


Sir -- I would like to express my thoughts on the issue of violence, which is ever increasing in my community. However shocked as I am by an incident I witnessed recently, I was absolutely horrified to see the young onlookers' reaction.

A fight after school broke out on school grounds between a student from my school and an unknown male. I do understand that there will always be fights and disagreements amongst students, but I believe we have crossed a line.

The unknown male involved had two weapons, a knife and a baseball bat. Sadly, many readers will not be shocked by this. This is what our culture has become familiar with. Teenage boys are now using knives in after-school fights.

But I am, however, more shocked at my fellow students' reactions. Students from different genders, ages and nationalities stood around, finding this very serious fight entertaining. Not only were they standing, watching, they encouraged this fight.

What has this society come to? When did we become so twisted? His friends did not try to protect him or break up the fight, nor did a teacher, caretaker or anybody else. When did people become so corrupt? Not just the people using these weapons, but the people standing around, encouraging such disgraceful behaviour.

Are we all to blame? If our society had not become so familiar with violence, would those people have helped break it up or at least walk away?

I personally cannot and will not watch such behaviour. However, I could not stop the fight on my own no matter how much I tried, although a group of people could have. United we stand and divided we fall, and I believe we have fallen! If that unknown male had killed our fellow student, would they have found that entertaining?

When does it get to the point where it loses its entertainment value? Maybe when these students are getting a day off school to attend their classmate's funeral, because of the fight they could have stopped.

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