Wednesday 13 December 2017

We get on well together apart from my sister's hygiene problems

QI am in my 50s, and live with my widowed sister and her two sons, who are in their 20s. It is her house. I have a job and am content with my life. My sister has independent means, stays at home and I go out to work. I contribute to the cost of running the house, help with housework at the weekend and do all the work in the garden, which I enjoy. I also do running repairs. My sister looks after the household bills, food shopping etc. Her sons have their own lives and are often away. We get on well enough and have settled into a routine.

The problem is my sister's attitude to personal hygiene. She doesn't think it's important. She almost never takes a bath or shower, just washes at the hand-basin -- and not much of that either.

It's the same with her clothes -- not changing often, leaving dirty ones lying around on her bedroom floor. When she goes out, she dresses up, and you would never guess from her appearance just how careless she really is. There's a constant stale smell in the house, especially upstairs and coming out of her room. It's not pleasant sitting too close to her either.

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