Friday 13 December 2019

We don’t want a one-party state

CHRIS Andrews of Fianna Fail is quoted as proposing a merger with the main opposition party (Irish Independent, October 25). This is essentially a plea for a one-party state.

Having spent years taunting the Blueshirts for their powerlessness he is now trying to prolong the one-party state by bringing them into the tent and incorporating them into the government.

Imagine if the main opposition party had been in continuous power for most of the past decade and a half and, with the country in the present state, one of its members proposed such a merger.

The rejectionist rhetoric from Mr Andrews and his colleagues would be choice and they would be right.

Our present problems arise from having one party in power for too long. We should change governments more often, not rig the system to keep any one group in power too long.

A Leavy
Dublin 13

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