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We can't ignore nuclear option

Certain people in this country claim that wind power will eventually supply 40pc of our electricity needs. They proudly inform us when wind generates large amounts of electricity, which it does from time to time.

However, we're not told about the occasions when wind produces almost nothing.

The next few months, when the weather is coldest, and the demand for electricity is greatest, is a time when the country is often covered by high pressure areas that result in extreme cold and little wind.

A moderate example of this occurred on October 24 at 6.30pm, when the temperature was 6C. The total demand for electricity was 3,246MW, of which wind supplied only 30MW, or less than 1pc.

It follows that the shortfall in power has to be made up by using fossil fuels, thereby adding to the pollution of the environment. Is this what we should be aiming for?

No, we should go for a source of energy that has been shown to be clean, competitive and safe -- namely, nuclear power.

David Sowby
Dublin 18

Irish Independent