Saturday 25 January 2020

We can't afford Mary any more

FOR how much longer must we suffer Mary Coughlan as Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment? The country cannot afford the luxury of a minister who puts her own pride before the needs of the people she is supposed to represent.

She displayed her arrogance again this week on RTE's Morning Ireland. Asked by Aine Lawlor if she would phone Michael O'Leary in relation to hundreds of possible jobs at Hangar 6, Ms Coughlan replied: "I certainly will not"

What planet is this minister living on and has she any idea of just how crass she sounded?

James Downey put his finger on it when he mentioned in his article that during the boom years ministers got "notions" of themselves (Irish Independent, February 16).

Well there are quite a few among the current bunch, including Ms Coughlan, who still have "notions of themselves". The sooner they shed them, the better for the good of the country.

Christy Crawford
Portlaoise, Co Laois

Irish Independent

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