Sunday 19 May 2019

We are not all rich spoilt brats

IN response to Maurice Fitzgerald who labelled third-level students as "rich spoilt brats" who are "not interested in studying" (Letters, March 20), I would advise him to try looking for a seat in UCC's Boole library.

Due to a demand from us “wild and reckless” youths, there has been a room allocated for night-time studying and there are future plans to introduce a 24-hour library.

As a science student, I start my day early in the morning with lectures and compulsory labs that can stretch out into the late evening. When you factor in the work that my peers and I put into societies and clubs on campus, it makes for a busy week. The “binge of constant fun” is an absurd accusation.

I would like to remind Mr Fitzgerald that the future of his country's economy depends on what we learn in college and that his taxes are used as an investment in growth.



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