Saturday 17 March 2018

We are not a caring society

Madam – I would like to congratulate Carol Hunt (Sunday Independent, June 9, 2013) on her article regarding the shameful treatment of our less fortunate fellow citizens and the consequences of the Government's actions which have created a hugely divided society on this small island of ours.

We sell ourselves as a caring society and yet the evidence suggests otherwise, as Ms Hunt outlined. It has been my opinion, having worked and lived abroad, that we are not deserving of our self-assessment that we are a caring nation. The salaries of politicians and bankers are frankly obscene. We must be the only country in the world where these people are paid for failure.

The actions of our leaders in continuing this austerity policy which affects the most vulnerable people is not acceptable. We are all God's children, we all breathe the same air and we are all mortal.

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