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Wasteful use of advisers must stop

ONE aspect of political reform that has escaped any examination so far is the use, overuse and misuse by the Government of the plethora of consultants, lawyers, advisers, spin-doctors, public relations experts, estate agents and so on.

The cost to the taxpayer runs to hundreds of millions every year.

The same experts, who advised Ahern and the Fianna Fail government in making a dog's dinner of the boom, also advised Cowen and Lenihan in making a complete pig's ear of the bust.

Amazingly, there is no sanction or penalty for bad advice.

Worse still none of these geniuses ever explained to poor Bertie what was going on!

So one is compelled to ask two questions, first, have we citizens received good value for such vast sums and second, why don't our well-paid senior civil servants supply these services?

Our politicians and senior civil servants appear to be incapable of making any decisions without a raft of reports.

When politicians call to our doors, we should insist they tell us their future policies on this issue.

This profligate waste of money can and must change.

John Cooney

Irish Independent