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Washout. . . Panto. . . Soldiers of density. . . Accountability

Sunday was a lovely day after the rain on Friday and Saturday. We went for a walk, watched the match and then the Taoiseach Brian Cowen came on television to say he was staying on.

It then proceeded to pour rain. Sums it all up really.

Derek Niland

  • What a terrifying week has been inflicted on the Irish people.

It teed off with the Seanie golfgate saga. This was the curtain call for the FF pantomime presentation: Is Cowen Goin'. Then the Labour funnies chipped in, demanding a vote of no confidence.

But there was worse to come as your paper announced that Jedward were to be unveiled as the Irish Eurovision entries, and that they were favourites to win.

It's enough to make my hair stand on end.

Sean Kelly
Tramore, Waterford.

  • Surely they should now be called 'Fianna Dlús' -- the soldiers of density?

Michael Nash,
Glenamuck, Dublin 18

  • Clearly the Irish blasphemy law was made to placate outside interest and to give the appearance of putting all religions on the same footing.

I, like most people at the time, presumed it was done with the unspoken intention not to be enforced, after all, this is Ireland.

If we are not going to chase down the people who ruined the country, we're not going to push about anybody who is 'politically insensitive'.

If we were, some columnists would be first to go.

SE Lydon
Wilton, Cork

  • Brian Cowen's statement that he will do whatever is in the best interests of the party proves beyond doubt that Ireland is a little island just off the Fianna Fail virtual mainland.

Michele Savage
Dublin 12

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