Tuesday 28 January 2020

Was Celtic Tiger real?

Sir -- I live in a small rural town in west Limerick. I read your paper every week and followed with great interest the story of the Celtic Tiger.

Down here the Celtic Tiger did not affect us very much. We got a few new housing estates, an assortment of new cars and some new people came to live here from Eastern Europe. The only major change was that the girl on the hot food counter in my local shop left to open an auctioneering business. That meant that I could no longer get bacon and cabbage for my Monday dinner as the new girl replaced it with beef stroganoff. Yes, we were very lucky down here.

According to your paper the Tiger ran amok in Dublin and in other places, completely out of control. It's amazing really, when you think about it, because in The Life of Pi, by Yann Martell a 16-year-old boy controlled a Royal Bengal tiger all the way across the Pacific Ocean on a small boat. At the end the reader of the book is left wondering if the tiger ever existed. It seems to me the same question can be asked about the Celtic Tiger. Anyway, it is all over now and bacon is back on the menu.

Recently your paper has written that Ireland has now become one of the European PIGS. Would that have anything to do with Pat McCabe's drama Frank Pig says Hello? If so I hope those pigs come nowhere near Abbeyfeale. It would surely finish my bacon and cabbage!

James Harnett,

Abbeyfeale, Co Kerry

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