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Vultures cost us dearly

Madam -- Democracy has certainly come to our country with a heavy price. Just look at some of the charges that are being claimed by our elected.

At last the Government has done something positive in this direction and reduced the number of TDs in the next election by eight. Much too few to my way of thinking: a reduction of 50 per cent would have been much more welcome. And as regards county councillors, a 75 per cent reduction is badly needed.

The cost of keeping these vultures is unbelievable with their inflated salaries, expenses vouched and unvouched, quangos and other money-grabbing opportunities.

To think that TDs actually get paid for signing in at the Dail in addition to their travelling expenses in getting there is unreal. I wonder what my boss would say if I asked that he provided a book for me to sign so that I could claim for coming to work as well as the expense of getting there.

I would ask the public to make themselves aware of what these people are costing us. When they come looking for your vote, question them on their charges and demand answers. If they do not tell you what you want to know, then just tell them where to go.

Michael O'Meara,

Killarney, Co Kerry

Sunday Independent