Saturday 20 January 2018

Vulnerable hit again

Madam – I am a disabled woman, having acquired a disability 10 years ago, aged 29. I have battled for my life, my recovery and against very dark days since 2003. I have even had to fight for a temporary medical card for medication to keep me alive. I know what it is to be able-bodied and I know only too well how limiting life is as a disabled woman whose mind functions but whose body does not respond. It seems that this Government is determined to plunge my already compromised life into the darkest of places.

Why is the Government making it so difficult for those of us who are not even mobile enough to get out and take action? Is it because we're the easy target and we can be scorned in our supposed simplicity? The Government has not challenged the wealthy, it has not targeted the problem in this country; it protects and nurtures the problem... that is, the bankers.

Now the Government has taken away my car. How do I get to work or to the doctors? It will take my medical card when it's due for renewal early next year. Would it like my life too? Is there no man or woman out there that can help the vulnerable, that can walk or talk on behalf of those of us who can't? It's despairing to watch the disabled being targeted again. Are we never in our lifetimes going to see real equality where the wealthy pay as much as the poor?

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