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Vote for those with sensible ideas

Andrew Callaghan (Letters, January 3) makes a valid point when he writes: "We must not simply vote to punish, or to make a change for its own sake."

In other words, vote for sensible policies, vote for people we trust to deliver those policies.

The Irish electorate is now, more than ever, morally obliged to examine the policies proposed by the various contenders.

The opposition parties have had three years to work on their policies, and they should be capable of implementing them sooner, rather than later, after the General Election (provided they form a government).

The immediate aftermath of the election won't be the time for discussing coalition or minor party support; this should and must be done beforehand.

The majority of the Irish electorate wants the Dail and the cabinet ministers to be accountable to the public.

If FG and Labour are serious about democratic reforms, then they must have policies in place before the election to dismantle all quangos.

As Mr Callaghan wrote: "Perhaps we can convince everyone else before the end of January. Or is it March? Or June?"

Declan Foley
Berwick, Australia

Irish Independent