Monday 18 December 2017

Viva Le Craic!

•I have always found that politicians are the most gifted natural stand-up comedians of all. Catch phrases such as: "In all honesty", which translates into a tongue-in-cheek Sigmund Freud version of reality. It brightens up otherwise dull recessionary days.

My personal political funny bone is always tickled when I hear the old classic: "This problem must be addressed," because once our distinguished orator gets his/her backside in seat of office that particular problem will be posted and addressed to Outer Mongolia as fast as you can say: "Trust me I am a person of the people." However, this gifted vaudeville artist is just warming the audience up. "Once in office my party will give politics back to the people." Meaning?

Our present administration is plying its political humour mostly for our European cousins' benefit at our expense. Eurocratic humour has a financial edge to it.

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