Sunday 25 February 2018

Visit by insurance agent proved an unplanned blessing

Find a remedy: Henry Ford Picture: Getty
Find a remedy: Henry Ford Picture: Getty
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Half-a-century ago pensions were still a topic in Ireland. With so many earning massive salaries today it's incomprehensible to even imagine six out of every 10 private-sector workers have no provision. Other than hope, they will subsist on the State pension (Irish Independent, December 13).

I remember, in my youth, getting a job in London when starting pay was very low and Social Welfare so trivial it was scarcely worth drawing. A bit lonely, some months later, lying before an archaic gas heater in my Archway Road bedsit and pondering, I just thought: "Is this life? What if anything should happen to me here on my own? I haven't even a penny savings to my name to bring me home to be buried!"

Though I realised the improbability of this and knew it certainly wouldn't be a problem. Nevertheless, since I did make the break from home I would be too proud to have my parents know I wasn't self-providing.

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