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Victims . . . Net gain . . . Haiti . . . Bird . . . Ouch!

May I respectfully suggest that each bishop invite a female and male victim of abuse to accompany them to Rome so that the Pope may hear in person the awful pain and suffering that these brave people have lived with all their lives.

Louis Mullen

  • Lise Hand scoffs at the idea of a bank inquiry being "conducted live on TV, YouTube and Twitter", (Irish Independent, January 20).

This is a democracy and all citizens will be paying for a long time for the banking mismanagement that, even the Government agrees, makes an investigation necessary. So what is wrong with the inquiry being covered on TV, YouTube and Twitter?

A Leavy
Dublin 13

  • IN reply to Sean McGovern (Letters, January 19), perhaps Noel Dempsey would have come home if there had been a national crisis. We had a bit of snow and a Europe-wide shortage of salt. So what was the crisis? And what would Dempsey have done that no local county manager wasn't already doing? Now the majority are back to normality, unlike the unfortunate people of Haiti, a bit of perspective is needed.

Alan Fairbrother
Dublin 16

  • RTE is to be congratulated for sending ace reporter, Charlie Bird, to Port-au-Prince airport. Begrudgers might say that flying in a bag of potatoes might have been more useful to the Haitian people at this time.

Donations may be made through any post office for this worthy cause. Minimum is €160.

Donal O'Driscoll

  • I SEE Dublin City Council, on foot of several claims for injuries due to people slipping on the recent icy conditions, have told possible claimants not to bother as they don't have a leg to stand on.

Brendan Grist
Dublin 8

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