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VHI price hike is attack on elderly

The latest VHI hike in the cost of the popular 'Plan B plus' is diabolical. In the case of an elderly couple, it's simply putting a pistol to their heads.

The Government and VHI must take full responsibility for their farcical handling of 'risk equalisation'. VHI, with 1.3 million members, was a monopoly health insurer for nearly 50 years. The health provider failed to make the preparatory provision for long-term customers and the natural hazards of age-related illness.

Could this exorbitant price increase possibly be a conniving exercise in boosting the insurer's funds, with a view to an eventual sell-off? Reflecting on the fate of good Irish semi-state companies in previous privatisations, we must never create a situation where the VHI could slip into the jaws of sharks.


Irish Independent