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Vatican visitors won't help much

I read the article headlined 'Shot in the arm for the Church' (Irish Independent, October 8) by David Quinn with disbelief.

I am dismayed that we are expected to be satisfied when there are moves in place that might be capable of protecting our children from the very people who are there to bring the Gospel message.

The bishops have "looked after" deviant members of the clergy and have been treating the rest of us with utter contempt for years.

Now the great news of the day that will give "a shot in the arm" to the Church is that, if they are forced into it, bishops might do the minimum to "protect" children.

If the bishops need canon law to ensure they behave like half-decent human beings, it speaks volumes.

Also, please remember it was an interpretation of canon law that prevented Desmond Connell as Archbishop from opening the secret archive to the gardai.

The core problem, as I see it, is that church leaders actually don't give two hoots for anybody.

Their real preoccupation is the survival of the institution and their position in it.

Caitriona McClean
Lucan, Co Dublin

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