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Vatican rule trickles down

Madam -- I feel very sorry for Fr Brian D'Arcy. He is a good priest. He is honest and speaks out about important issues with compassion and understanding and I guess that is why Rome decided to gag him. If all priests had been like him the church would not be in the awful position it finds itself and society would have been kinder and more caring. Lack of love, respect and compassion is the root cause of the problems in our society.

Rome is not the only place where we find censorship. Many lay people, especially in rural areas, who speak out for the rights of the downtrodden, may find themselves ostracised by Catholic fundamentalists. Many people live in denial of social problems and because of this many people suffer. I wish Fr D'Arcy a long and fruitful life as a priest and long may he continue to write and speak for the downtrodden.

Maureen Lowndes,

Tullamore, Co Offaly

Sunday Independent