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Vampire rule

Legend has it that garlic warded off the evil spirits and safeguarded against vampire attack. I was stunned then, to hear that an importer of such an odorous and efficacious vegetable should receive a jail term.

While he languishes in jail, the blood-sucking vampires who brought our nation to its knees live the high life. Unlike their legendary counterparts, they have no fear of daylight.

They sport and play in the golf emporia of Europe, the Caribbean and the US. The intrepid importer was not even given the royal Irish treatment of being arrested "by appointment".

The moral of the story is quite simple, if you act like a complete bunch of bankers, impoverish your nation, precipitate the surrender of your national sovereignty and leave a trail of destruction, you can, because of the cowardly government and legal system that prevails here, still enjoy your freedom. Garlic, however, carries a far more severe penalty.

Welcome to Ireland, the country from whence St Patrick banished the snakes, what a pity he overlooked the vampires.

Jim O'Regan

Grenagh, Co Cork