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Use our hidden genius

Madam -- I travelled by train to Dublin on a beautiful morning recently to visit my family. Comfortably positioned in my seat for the usual scan of the morning papers, I casually slipped my reading glasses from the top pocket of my shirt. To my dismay one spectacle arm had come adrift and the tiny screw was missing, rendering them unusable. What a start to the day, I thought. Deprived of a relaxing read of the papers, noticeboards, price lists and menus, my envisaged pleasant outing in the metropolis appeared spoiled.

Several vexatious minutes elapsed, when suddenly I got a bright idea. I had a small safety pin in the back of my coat lapel. It was difficult to restrain a slight grin of delight as I clipped that pin, securely anchoring the missing arm of my most essential 'travel tool' and continuing with the rest of the day as planned. I even gave a thought to the inventor of that simple safety pin, used by generations since time immemorial. Didn't Walter Hunt perfect a wonderful idea?

For the rest of the journey, because of that safety pin, I was on an ideas brainstorming exercise. I thought, what a gold mine of ideas and inventions lie inactivated in the minds of thousands of ordinary people who because of our austerity measures are too lethargic to even think clearly. Here are minds loaded with the most ingenious ideas and suggestions of all types, that could solve Government, industry, banks, services and unemployment problems.

What a brilliant idea, right now, if a popular family weekly like the Sunday Independent took on the challenge? An exciting publicity campaign to get those people's adrenaline on the move and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit would create a river of priceless ideas flooding the public arena.

James Gleeson,

Thurles, Co Tipperary

Sunday Independent