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US holds key to change in Egypt

The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has called on the Egyptian government for "an orderly transition" to democracy. (Irish Independent, January 31).

She gives the impression that the US is an impartial outside observer of the continuing struggle of the Egyptian people for democracy and respect for their human rights.

However, the Egyptian government is the second-highest recipient of US military aid after Israel.

While the US has relinquished its military support for Latin American dictators, it has continued to support the most repressive forces in the Middle East, all in the pursuit of its geopolitical interests especially to consolidate its oil requirements for the future.

If the Obama administration has the will, it can remove Hosni Mubarak and his cronies from their repressive rule in Egypt with a phone call and give the Egyptian and other repressed Arab peoples of the Middle East the opportunity to have new beginnings -- which is their right.

Brendan Butler
Malahide Co Dublin

Irish Independent