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Unions should be reformed or axed

I fully agree with Phil Miesle (Irish Independent, January 21) that unions should be reformed or abolished.

The ideology of the unions in this country is more akin to 1970s Albanian communists than modern-day socialists, but I would go one step further and allow those who have been financially disadvantaged by wild-cat union strikes that have been deemed illegal by the courts, to seek financial retribution from the unions.

Last year, air-traffic controllers in Shannon went on strike, claiming the company was in breach of their contractual obligations. The court ruled that this was not the case and they went back to work, but financial damage had been caused by a strike that should never have been called.

Those businesses should have the right to seek compensation from the unions.

We can no longer allow the country to be held hostage by the unions. We have to put an end to union tyranny for the sake of the country.

Ray Behan
Clontarf, Dublin 3

Irish Independent