Sunday 26 January 2020

Unilateral action is not the answer

Madam -- Most of Pat Byrne's article 'How we can light a fuse for change' (Sunday Independent, November 4, 2012) made sense. But when he started to advocate that Ireland's negotiators in Europe "display extreme tendencies that cause maximum fear of the consequences", I started to worry.

This country is bankrupt. Foreigners are keeping the holes in the wall open. The people who most fear the consequences of the chaos that would follow the ratcheting up of fear is us. We are the most vulnerable.

What will threatening to disengage from the EU, defaulting on our debts and living in isolation with a horrendously devalued currency do to the marginalised and business in this country?

It they think things are bad now, unilateral action of the kind advocated by Pat Byrne would make them infinitely worse.

A Leavy

Sutton, Dublin 13

Sunday Independent

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