Friday 15 November 2019

Unfair criticism of our enumerators

ALAN Gallagher (Letters, March 12) claims that people employed by the CSO as enumerators are mainly made up of former bankers, ex-teachers, ex-gardai, ex-civil servants and well-heeled pensioners who are looking to "top up their pensions".

Obtaining this information would require a Freedom of Information request to be submitted to the CSO. The people who have been employed by the CSO are 'third parties' and I believe their written consent would be required before information relating to their working history was released.

To suggest that the enumerator who calls to the door is possibly a former banker is not only far-fetched but also irresponsible when one considers the contempt the public harbours for bankers.

I will suggest to my three friends (an out-of-work roofer, a housewife and a retired delivery driver) who were lucky enough to secure positions as enumerators that they should wear button badges saying: 'I am not a former banker/retired teacher/well-heeled pensioner.'

I believe this is the first time the position was widely advertised by the CSO, which demonstrates to the contrary of Mr Gallagher's statement that "the civil service and state institutions" remain unchanged.

Bill Goggins

Crosserlough, Co Cavan

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