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UN and EU should be on trial with Mladic

RATKO MLADIC is awaiting trial in the Hague for alleged war crimes. Let it not be forgotten that the slaughter in the Balkans occurred in the mid-1990s.

Between long sieges, ethnic cleansing and genocide, thousands were murdered while the European Union and the UN stood by. If “wilful bystanding” was a crime in international law, those at the top in these organisations at the time would also be facing trial in the Hague. LARRY DUNNE BRAY, CO WICKLOW

Putting the squeeze on Anglo Irish executives

SEEMINGLY, there are 10 unco-operative Anglo Irish executives who are hampering official investigations into this disastrous entity. We should do what the Americans do: bring one of the executives in for a talk, threaten them with serious jail time and then offer them immunity from prosecution if they spill the beans.


It’s time to think out of the box on VAT rates

I HAVE always wondered why we have three VAT rates – 0pc, 13.5pc and 21pc. Would it not make more economic sense to have a standard 10pc rate on everything except for fresh and frozen goods. It would obviously cost less in man-hours for Revenue staff to only have to worry about two rates of VAT. It may also encourage the consumer to start purchasing more fresh produce, thereby creating more jobs as these foods can all be produced in Ireland. Isn't it time the Government started to think outside the box?