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Ultimately, all is down to parents

Madam – Thank you for publishing Niamh Horan's account of my opinion on the dress – or is it 'undress'? – of adolescent girls socialising.

The result may well be that ardent feminists will tweet in unison, "What about the boys?"

As I said in my original comments, "It takes two to tango." However, in the area of dress, boys are not culpable. In a longer statement I think I made it clear that boys are under peer pressure to get into sex play even though many of them also feel unwilling and unready.

Adolescent boys, even more than girls, worry about their urges and the behaviour of their bodies, plus the dangers, the rights and the wrongs. They are asking themselves – very privately, of course – 'What do girls expect?' and also, 'What will the other lads think?'

This is where parents should come in. If parents can't take on their responsibility, then we must have people trained to teach and help them realistically (not merely telling youngsters the names of body organs).

Angela Macnamara,

Churchtown, Dublin 14

Online Editors