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Ulick's radio daze

Sir -- Surely Ulick O'Connor was indulging in one of his flights of fantasy when, in last week's article, he wrote that James Joyce listened every day to Radio Eireann when he lived in Zurich in the 1940s.

The broadcasting range of the Athlone transmitter of that time hardly extended beyond England. Indeed, Sean O'Casey, living in Torquay during that era, lamented "the irritatingly intermittent reception of Radio Eireann".

It is more likely that Joyce, indulging his own fantasies, would have recreated memories of Radio Eireann.

Joe Richards,

Beggars Bush, Dublin 4

Ulick O'Connor writes:

I quoted Sean Lester, the Irish Secretary of the League of Nations, who reported that he was present in Zurich in Joyce's apartment when they listened to 'Question Time' from Radio Eireann. I think it unlikely that one of our most distinguished diplomats would have invented this. Your correspondent is out of order in implying that he did.

Sunday Independent