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Ugly humour in article on babies

Sir -- On reading Eilis O'Hanlon's article in LIFE magazine last Sunday, I was appalled and disgusted at the lengths she went to describe her disdain towards other people's babies.

As a mother of three children, I am under no illusion that parents find qualities in their own children that cannot be found in others. However, Ms O'Hanlon's article took it to another level, a nasty and disgraceful level.

Describing innocent beautiful babies with words such as "ugly" and "grotesque" was totally inappropriate and offensive to parents. In what I assume was an attempt at humour, her encouragement to carry on smoking throughout pregnancy to reduce the size of their babies' "big head" was in extremely bad taste.

The only thing that is "ugly" in Ms O'Hanlon's article is her opinion.

Niamh Mathews,

Lucan, Co Dublin

Sunday Independent