Saturday 24 February 2018

Two-tier Ireland

•As I go about my daily chores trying to provide for my family in this time of recession, I cannot fail to wonder if we are indeed living in a two-tier society -- not one of "haves and have nots", but one of citizens and public entities.

As ordinary folk we are being told we must all cut back, there is no money for anything any more, sadly thousands have lost their jobs, many thousands more are struggling. Yet there is a parallel society thriving which appears not to be even aware that there is a financial crisis ripping this country apart.

In my own Dublin 15, there appears to have been no shortage of monies in the past year for the construction of bus lanes (which locals agree were not required), traffic lights at small T-Junctions and the re-surfacing of perfectly good roads. I wonder how many people across the country are seeing the same waste all around them.

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