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Two fingers from the people who ruined us

I read about Finance Minister Michael Noonan's recent comments (Irish Independent, April 15) with interest. "Mr Noonan ruled out any further cutbacks or tax hikes being imposed by the IMF at this stage."

Citizens of Ireland should understand that our sovereignty has been handed over to the IMF. This organisation now has control over our taxation policies -- something that every single Irish Government has always stated would never be handed over to anyone. One only has to think of promises made during the first and second referendums on the Lisbon Treaty.

I would suggest, yet again, that for Irish citizens to be asked to accept more and more pain, we really need to see some of the people who destroyed this fine country going to jail.

Ordinary people are losing homes, families are being torn apart, jobs are being lost, children are going hungry . . . while the people who caused the problem are still living in luxury and giving the rest of us the two fingers.

Michael Kelly
Dublin 15

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