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Twitterbox: The leaders' debate

What you tweeted.

@Johnnycandon That poor audience out in RTE. See? THIS is what happens when you leave it too late to book a restaurant for Valentine's Day. #rtedeb

@cllrdempsey Pension Res fund @ Jan 2010 = €22.3bn. Pension Res Fund today = €4.9bn as stated on #rtedeb. #FF has raided the country #ge11

@SeanMoncrieff Well that's my mind made up. It's got to be Justin Beiber #rtedeb

@electionpredict After #rtedeb, surely no brainer to do a #ge11 version of @TV3 #takemeout with random sample of IRE voters. Who'd get a date??

@breakfastnt We thought the debate didn't work. Political 'X Factor' with no answers #ge11 #rtedeb

@Garethjmurtagh Instead of visiting Merkel, Enda should have gone to see Sarkozy to borrow a pair of his heels! #rtedeb #ge11

@RTReade #rtedeb where were Dustin and Jedward?

@SamFitzG Enda Kenny's posture and hand movements on #rtedeb looked like a teacher using a blackboard #ge11 #rte11.

@mtobin86 #rtedeb Collectively we should really question this format as it undermines our intelligence to give us soundbites of waffle.

@mr_byrne The only real winner of Monday's #rtedeb was RTE. Top non-sponsored trend worldwide. Pat'll be getting Piers Morgan's gig next.

@tweeting_dog Martin asks Adams to come clean on IRA membership, Adams should ask Martin to come clean on FF/cabinet membership #ge11 #rtedeb.

@leannich Mystifying how ppl cheer Enda for "not dropping any balls" in debate. Is that all we expect from a Taoiseach? Bare competence? #rtedeb #ge11

@suzybie Average viewership for #rtedeb on Monday was 961k -- this means that even more people saw it than that in terms of reach . . . massive numbers

@ericpaquin #rtedeb if any of these are supposed to be our next leader, we are doomed! I wish there was a new box on the ballots: "None of the above."

@Zoe_CF I am highly amused at the amount of red ties at the leaders' debate. Colour psychology books were read no doubt. #rtedeb

@fogartweet Interesting how none of the voters on #todaywithpk agreed with the ridiculous media consensus that Enda Kenny did best in #rtedeb

@ClaireBThomas Gerry Adams was the only one in touch with the people. The others are so out of touch #ge11 #rtedeb #vinb

@Enda_Lee I will give Gerry Adams credit for raising the suicide issue. Really needs attention ASAP #rtedeb

@greentak where are the INDs #RTEDEB ? The only hope to break trivial cronyism.

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