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Twitterbox: 'The Frontline'

What you tweeted.

DuncanESmith Surely an Irish Women's Political Party would make the quota argument redundant. Surely They'd win the next election by a mile!!! #rtefl

Lainey_Hughes #rtefl delivered yet another ill-informed, woman-hatin' episode last night. Hooray for #witchhunts!

mor_rigan Watching #rtefl and want to clobber Pat Kenny for referred to women as females. We're women dammit

DaraghMcDowell So I turned on #rtefl and there's @john_mcguirk making a spurious, illogical and stupid argument. The spirit of Twitter hits the TV at last.

Charlie Bird

mikroche Read a lot about Tom Crean, massive admiration 4 him and Charlie Bird whines his way a couple of miles "in his footsteps" -- disrespectful joke

anniewestdotcom If Tom Crean were alive, and in this programme, he'd be standing on the ice, hands on hips, looking at Charlie Bird and LAUGHING.

Rory McIlroy

stephenfry Horrible horrible nightmare for Rory McIlroy -- golf can be ineluctably cruel #TheMasters

JoshMoss14 BBC2, SATURDAY: Rory McIlroy: Brilliant British golfer. BBC2, SUNDAY: Rory McIlroy: Irish golfer

PaulCookEcho Images of Rory McIlroy landing back in UK. Leave the poor lad alone. Or do media just want to harangue one of our most precocious talents?

sofiazagzoule Everyone's still talking about Rory McIlroy today but not for the right reasons ... poor wee guy.

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