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Twitterbox : TG4 Debate

What you tweeted.

@MarioDanneels Mario Danneels

Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam. That is all #Gaeilge #tg4deb #Ireland

@PadraigMaloney I bet the first thing the new government will do is make Fianna Fáil a proscribed organisation. #tg4deb #ge11 #rtept

@kmccafferty Gaeilge trending on twitter? An-mhaith! Agus Cá raibh Adams?

@eurodemocrat The subtitles worked well for the #tg4deb #ge11 and made the viewer concentrate more intently. Gilmores best debate, maybe tied with Martin

@irish_eagle Eagle Don't think any has mentioned #London2012 is real opportunity for Ireland. #tg4deb


#RvP; #Arsenal; #Barca

@Chilangooner RVP 9 goals in 7 games and not a peep out of the press. Rooney gets his fat ass and "Rooney Reigns Supreme"?

@12playUK If Messi scored Van Persie's goal yesterday, they would've called it 'majestic' but because RvP scored they said its 'bad keeping' #typical


@kweektweet Who cares about Formula One, if people in #Bahrain continue to be killed and denied even the most basic rights #feb14

@acarvin NPR's Peter Kenyon reported from the hospital in #Bahrain this morning. Said it was most gruesome scene in 10 yrs of reporting the mideast.

@NickKristof As a reporter, some things just break your heart. Like watching the govt of moderate, tolerant #Bahrain kill its people.

@LabibaLaith Military statement on #Bahrain TV warns citizens & residents to not gather in large groups in vital public areas as it will cause traffic...

@arunn19 The Bahrain king apologises one day and next day sends in brutal police under cover of dark. Stalinist regime methods.

Banking crisis

#IMF/EU; #GE11

@claudiopro How many of you would give up their current lifestyle & face default should IMF & EU ask Ireland's sovereignty in return for #bailout? #poll

@seanmccann I'm voting to send Jedward to the Eurovision -- after the IMF EU bailout I think Germany needs to pay for what they forced on us #lls

@ray_minehane The Treaty of Versailles was a disaster and the IMF EU bailout looks to be a disaster of greater magnitude

@AlanShatterTD Election campaign becoming surreal. Eamon Gilmore morphing into Michael McDowell.

@davefordail Referendum on bailout? Too big an issue for gov decision. let democracy work. People know what they want.

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