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Twitterbox: Syria

@ZainSyr Landlines and mobile lines are totally off in Harasta Damascus suburb and all the internet connecting means are down except DSL

@undispatch An absolute humanitarian catastrophe in Syria

@CarlosLatuff What if social media played a more negative role in Syria's revolution than many think?

@LibyaNewMedia Turkish newspaper: 428 refugees who left for Syria have returned back to Turkey after seeing 50 tanks near the border.

@Remroum Obama has bloody hands hands in Bahrain/Yemen, it's double standards on Libya/Syria, but that doesn't make Gaddafi/Assad less murderous. #syria


@downwithtyranny Over 15,000 people over the age of 50 are attending this year. Did it lose its edge?

@Its_Death I'm recreating Glastonbury at home. I've blocked my toilet with falafel & complained the kitchen doesn't have an atmosphere any more.

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