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Twitterbox: Stress Test

What you tweeted.

@SarahRegan Not sure we'll hear anything we didn't know already. Our banks need billions. We'll be paying back forever.

@kevosullivan0724 billion euros in total... #stresstest well I hope that’s it, somehow I doubt it. €70 billion all up since 2008.

@ThinkofanameExercise and reduction in coffee intake is prescribed to aid stressed Irish banks. #stresstest


@thenext50k If nothing real is done about Lowry then the government has lost all credibility. In the first month in office.

@Tipperaryphotos Hope Gov put as much energy into getting country back on track as they are spending on #Lowry

@RIRI35Lowry censured. Those who voted for this man should hang their heads in shame. He was found out and should just accept it

@CiaranLyng#vinb makes a good point about TDs not reading #moriarty yet accepting it all as gospel. Everyone deserves due process.

@marcjohn71Why are we wasting time on Lowry etc. When the country is going to the wall!

April Fool

@BlekehHopefully no one remembers it’s April Fool’s day.

@frankdalleres Airconditioned stadiums, artificial clouds... Qatar 2022 World Cup must be fertile ground for April Fool’s Day hoaxes

@e_kiter Interested to see what everyone will get up to for April Fool’s Day... Think Ryanair already started with child-free flights.

@savyaswaroop Today, more boys will propose to girls than on Valentine’s day. Its safer – You can always say “April fool” after the girl says no.