Friday 22 November 2019

Twitterbox: Sean Quinn

What you tweeted.

@aoifehegs On 'News at One', Minister Noonan says "on a personal level, you'd have to feel sorry" for Sean Quinn

@fintancox It's very important that jobs are protected in the Quinn group

Barack Obama

@NickKristof Obama addressed a topic harder to talk about seriously than sex -- the need to raise taxes

@MJayRosenberg Obama's speech must have been great. Wall Street Journal enraged, gnashing, chewing carpet, weeping, screaming

@ShawnyBooBoos Finally got to watch President Obama's speech last night on CNN. WOW!

Bank Jobs

@colettebrowne Feel sorry for bank staff losing their jobs but any redundancy package will have to be paid for by the State so they should be statutory.

Enda Kenny

@workfanatic Taoiseach defends rebranding of his jobs budget: indigenous economy?

@mcgconor Conor Was speaking to a few mates in NY and they thought it was a joke that Enda Kenny was our prime minister. I told them it was no joke

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