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Twitterbox: Ronan Kerr

What you tweeted.

@barryweir82: Books of Condolence for Constable Ronan Kerr opened at police stations in Omagh, Enniskillen, Dungannon and Cookstown.

@senjoeoreilly deepest sympathies go out to Ronan Kerr's family at this awful time, actions of those responsible do not represent views of wider majority.

@mccafferysteven Tyrone manager Mickey Harte on BBC Radio's Talkback spells out opposition of "GAA-family" to the "despicable" murder of Ronan Kerr.

@SocialMediaIrl To the murderers of Ronan Kerr -- you are despicable cowards trying to drag this country back into the dark ages #notinmyname


@pratikmalhotra #wtf #icc...shame on them..i would luv to see another show like that from #ireland

@damonwigley Congrats to the #ICC for putting truly international cricket back 20 years @bbcsport

@richardkendall If Ireland ranked in top 10 they deserve to play in next #CWC by right. Fact. 'ICC's decision a joke' -

Croke Park

@colmtobin It's a disgrace the queen is playing corner-forward in the game scheduled for her Croke Park visit. She's clearly a full-forward.

@tweetpaulobrien Queen going to Croke Park is going to be an embarrassing failure. I'd be surprised if they could fill Whelan's these days.

@TalkingBallsGAA Betty Windsor to visit Croke Park.Does anyone really care if some oul doll turns up. Not as if All Ireland ticket wasted on her!

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