Monday 18 November 2019

Twitterbox: Religious symbols

What you tweeted.

@ His_Grace Have you noticed whenever the ECHR rules pro-equality, it is enlightened, but when for religious liberty, it 'bows to political pressure'?

@maggidawn European court upholds right to display religious symbols in public spaces. A triumph for tolerance.

@ Timmy5130

Why is it freedom of choice for people to remove religious symbols but the same freedom is not applied to displaying them?

@ harryhummel ...the problem is these same people often want to have the 'freedom' to restrict expressions by other religions.

@ Malisoko pretty disgusted with anti-secular stance of the #ECHR...don't remember any religious state [except Vatican] in Europe!

@Aminhotep Italy stands by the law: No (foreign) religious symbols allowed in public schools.

@ OpheliaBenson ECHR rules: no secularism for public schools.


@jonsnowC4 Japan crisis and Gaddafi atrocities enable Saudi Western allies to turn a blind eye to apparent human rights violations in attack on Bahrain hospital.

@JohnFurrToronto I told you occupation armies never leave. RT@BAHRAINIAC Gulf troops will stay in Bahrain as long as needed, Foreign Minister says #Bahrain

@AndoDoug The Bahrain solution: Bulldoze the square where protesters have been meeting. We're dealing with geniuses.

@BAHRAINIAC When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right. #bahrain #feb14

@KaeKurd yet the world intervene with Libya and forget Bahrain. What's the difference?

St Patrick's Day aftermath

@colmtobin Just passed Charlie Sheen running out of Dublin city centre shouting something about it "being too crazy". #stpatricksday

@Overheard_it Overheard on the street, St Patrick's Day aftermath: "I woke up, like, three times and I was still drunk!"

@SoSwell_Elle St Patrick's Day is just an excuse for people to get drunk. I don't even wanna see the aftermath of that parade!

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