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Twitterbox: Quinn Insurance Teaching Grand racing

@anciotog Chances of me wanting to pay for Quinn's craziness are every bit as likely as Sean Quinn paying my mortgage.

@JoannaSchaff RT @dudara As if my car insurance wasn't expensive enough!

@patodonn I'm sure them Cavan folk who were protesting on behalf of Sean Quinn will now step forward and pick up the tab.

@Thinkofaname We are to start paying ANOTHER 2pc levy on car and home insurance to fill the hole in Quinn?!!!?

@paul265 Insurance levy, am I the only one feeling angry about paying for Sean Quinn's failed gamble? #enough isenough


@CCHickey Does Ruairi Quinn not understand that ability to think is useless without memory skills? Both attributes need to be developed and tested.

@tnteacher "I thank you for your volunteerism" (re sports/arts/ extra-curricular activities done with children for free by teachers). #into11

@9th level irl Fewer jobs for teachers next year, says Quinn.

@wendylyon "But the number has grown exponentially in recent years!" Ruairi Quinn on SNA shortages or Mary Harney on bed shortages -- spot the difference.

Grand racing

@glutenfreemeals Congratulations to Nina Carberry on winning the Irish Grand National, one up for the girls !!

@gmbpurple Great to see Nina Carberry winning her first Irish national yesterday on Organisedconfusion.

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