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Twitterbox: Queen's visit

What you tweeted.

@JohnnyboyMull Feeling very proud to be Irish, loving the media coverage of the #queensvisit, probably the most historic event in my generation.

@patlimerick It was great to see the queen and Prince Philip, a very historic day for Ireland. Hope they enjoy rest of days here.

@henryhealy @TubridyTweets Best of luck, hope Prince Philip behaves himself after he samples a pint!!

@decjordan A couple of days when mention of the words Anglo-Irish don't cause rises in blood pressure.

@Lisamarie_m Scenes of violence in Dublin were shocking.

David Drumm

@TimWMcDowell David Drumm has received a 12k tax rebate from the Revenue for 2010... you couldn't make it up. #onlyinireland

@annfrances2 I felt moved watching the queen's visit. She is an 85-year-old woman for God's sake. We should be more angry about David Drumm's tax rebate.

@kealanjflynn @askeamonn #rtept reported Revenue has given David Drumm a tax rebate of €12k; the only thing we haven't done is apologise to him.


@wholesomecook Unfortun-ately the NCT problem exposes a bigger concern. How many unroadworthy cars have certs, taxis or not?

@jerrybuttimer Welcome review by minister on taxi industry. Hope it includes regulator & NCT. 'Prime Time' v good report. Remember majority of taxi drivers good.

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