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Twitterbox: Queen's visit

What you tweeted.

@desktophippie Getting to work this morning was like crossing a border. Gardai everywhere ahead of the UK queen's visit!

@marcjohn71 When all these state visits are over can we please get back to our number one priority . . . Getting the country back on its feet!

@TrishByrne The queen's visit is supposed to highlight how much we've moved on. In fact it's highlighting the opposite.


@colettebrowne DSK has gone from a $3,000-a-night suite to a grotty, over-crowded holding cell in New York in 48 hrs. Yikes. The highs & terrible lows...

@dankennedy_nu This part of Strauss-Kahn story doesn't add up: Naked, lying in wait in the bathroom?

@epistolarian Strauss-Kahn on his way out of the IMF -- Does this mean Cameron may bite the bullet and sanction Gordon Brown's candidacy?

@Graham_Love #DSK story widening? French writer to make sexual assault complaint against Dominique Strauss-Kahn her lawyer says.

Stephen Hawking

@Viides_rooli Stephen Hawking: "There is no heaven; it's a fairy story" Surprised? Anyone?

@ TCapece_SLC801 Stephen Hawking is brilliant but the fact is nobody knows. We'll all find out sooner or later but until he has proof he should leave it be.

@georgerin So I guess I won't see him there! Stephen Hawking says heaven is a myth.

@ neoromanzer87 Scientists make bad philosophers.