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Twitterbox: Oxegen

@lorcy I'll stop shy of putting a deranged plea on YouTube, but I think Ireland needs to leave Amanda Brunker alone. Whoever she is...

@sean_digiart Jedward, Oxegen and Amanda Brunker are trender on twitter whilst the ECB hike up rates to 1.5pc. Why should I care when nobody else does?

@AmandaJBrunker My best mate just rang me playing Jessie J down the phone -- ya gotta laugh!

@MiaDaly Boyle Sports has Amanda Brunker at 66/1 to crowd surf at Oxegen.

@UnaMullally Amanda Brunker playing Oxegen is actually a stroke of random genius. It's the only thing people are talking about RE: the festival today.

@gutterbookshop Saw 1st Oxegen disciples on way into work -- they looked ready for a BIG weekender! Have an amazing time! @MartinMcAuley I believe my sister overpacked for Oxegen. She took: A suitcase, a large grip bag, a backpack, a hefty carrier bag and a collapsible chair.

@c_heff Am I ancient or are the ones heading off to Oxegen on oconnell street in the 10-12 age bracket?

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