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Twitterbox: Osama bin Laden

What you tweeted.

@CBSMatt Last night during breaking news, @twitter says they saw peak of 5,106 tweets per second, "highest sustained rate of Tweets ever"

@rkrishnakumar the more one reads on the killing the more respect I have for the Navy SEALS, they come through every year. Last year: pirates

@tttallis My son just entered "osama's hideout" into google maps. Why didn't the CIA think of that?

@SammiJadeHall 10 years, trillions of dollars. Thousands of soldiers dead. The US finally found bin laden

@DeclanFlynn Key indicator that pointed to Osama was no telephone or internet. Next time someone isn't on Twitter report them:-)


@EuroCelt Irish President McAleese defends corporation tax -- Presidents don't engage in politics usually

@DrnkTxtRmeo_ the awkward moment when you realise obama can capture Osama bin laden and all mary mcaleese can do is offically open playgrounds.

Carla Bruni

@Mickyrichards Carla seen wearing loose clothes. Pregnant or she's just discovered Chocolate Hobnobs?

@DonDavern My flatmate didn't know that OBL was dead until I told her last night. But she did know that Carla Bruni might be pregnant :-S

Crystal Swing

@dbspin The new Crystal Swing video is wonderful (except for the music)

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