Friday 15 November 2019

Twitterbox: Obama Visit

What you tweeted.

@paddyccourtney Brendan Gleeson for president!!

@naoisen There's a touch of Self-Aid about this. . . without the jobs.

@jerrybuttimer Ryan sheridan was busking this time last year, now playing a gig for Obama visit. Fair dues.

@Nialler67 The queen is watching Sky News thinking "So they don't all wear luminous jackets"

@karynmannion Is feidir linn -- I cried so much at that speech. Bursting with Irish pride right now.

@PhanHeartsYou Such an amazing speech, that man's a genius.

@Whistlinpaddy 'In dreams begins responsibility': Obama quotes Yeats in speech to 20,000 people gathered in Dublin.

@WalshSportsSG Leigh Walsh

Did Barack plant the same tree as the queen? Cost cutting measure I suppose...


@jonsnowC4 Is the top Public Servant prevented by his Super Injunction from telling his employers -- who happen to be the taxpayers, that he has one?

@conr0y Hope giggs gets a refund for his super injunction. Man, what a waste of cash

@gilescoren Did Joseph K, in fact, HAVE a super injunction? Is that why Kafka wasn't allowed to use his surname?



Could we all chip in a few euros and get a super injunction to stop the pending Volcanic Ash Cloud?

@theashcloud Ash cloud. Originally from ICELAND, 8KM tall, love to TRAVEL, Currently considering a reunion tour!

@madame daisy The awkward moment when an ash cloud doesn't know when to sod off...

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