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Twitterbox: MySpace sale


Justin Timberlake has bought MySpace for $35m and Google have released a potential Facebook-killer. This week is weird.


I still believe myspace has a USP in music and could grow with a new (Spotifyesque) business model.


How soon before Facebook becomes like MySpace? MySpace follows Orkut, 6 Degrees, AOL and others into the internet dustbin of has-beens.


If anyone is feeling annoyed that Murdoch is getting his way -- MySpace was valued at $12bn in 2007.

It has now just been sold for $35m.


Fact of the day: News Corp sold MySpace for 350 times less than the company's 2007 valuation. Ouch!

Veronica Guerin anniversary


Veronica Guerin is such an inspiration, she put the spotlight on drug traffickers and showed and wrote about what no one else could. RIP.


Remembering Veronica Guerin. She will be missed a lot. An inspiration.


Veronica Guerin. Such an amazing woman, who changed both journalism and criminal law. RIP.

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