Friday 22 November 2019

Twitterbox: McCanns

What you tweeted.

@ KeirSimmonsITV Kate and Gerry McCann have written open letter to the PM. . . "It is not right that a young vulnerable British citizen has been given up on."

@sieohdiddle it really makes me angry that people seem to think the #McCanns deserve what they got. No they didn't and I admire them for not giving up.

@Shazbatpckc Maddie McCann's 8th birthday today so sad she is still missing bless her PLS RT to show your support


@ UpsyDaisy84

So much doom & gloom & negativity in Ireland in the past year, jedward r doing something positive, let's all get behind them #jedward

@gunterthebunter How is their hair so high?? There's something about #jedward.

@SophieMcflyJE Omg there was a question in the maths test about EUROVISION I was so tempted to put Jedward on the graph as 1st place LOL

Royal visit

@ratskins The visit highlights that we, as a nation, still fawn over the slightest hint of authority. We can now add royal to religious and financial

@tnteacherTim What should Ireland do with its Oil resources? #queen #obama visit might advise? As he did for Brazil recently. . .

@ahmadtaha Or is there a plot in the way?

@Wais_B Anyone know why the #Queen, #Obama and #Cameron are all going to #Ireland on 17-18 May?

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